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The first six weeks of the Fall term has flown by and your YFA team has been busy addressing college and district issues that impact you. Here’s a quick update on hot topics that we are posting to our blog to keep you “In The Know.” I’ll be sending out these updates approximately every two weeks, so please subscribe to the blog so you’ll easily get updates as I post them.

The Budget & MJC Spring Course Schedule:

MJC’s 19-20 budget was underfunded $3.6 million. The budgets for Central Services and Columbia College do not have a shortfall. Because MJC is scheduling to the budget, MJC divisions had to plan to constrict the Spring 2020 schedule. At a Board Special Meeting last week, the Board discussed and approved a $3 million augmentation to MJC’s budget. These funds are being transferred from YCCD’s fund balance ($1.9 million) and CalPers/STRS Reserve ($1.1 million). This funds 80% spring schedule, which includes Maymester.

Trustees and YCCD Administration expressed serious concern over the new SCFF funding Model (Student Centered Funding Formula). The Board voted on a District-wide hiring freeze effective October 2, 2019. See the Board Connection for details.

Proposed 20-21 District Academic Calendar

YFA anticipates that the Board of Trustees will review and approve a status quo 2020-21 calendar at its November 13th meeting. Here’s some key facts:

YFA Rep Council unanimously voted against the proposed calendar change based on the timeline which would require Board approval at its November 13th meeting. There is simply not enough time to explore and review impacts on students, programs, faculty and staff. Columbia College’s Calendar Committee met last week and agreed that the timeline for implementation is not adequate nor has enough inquiry occurred. MJC’s Calendar Committee meets tomorrow, October 8th.

MJC Academic Senate has proposed that the calendar remain status quo and that a taskforce be formed to investigate the viability of adding a winter intersession to the District Calendar. YFA, MJC Administration and MJC Senate have agreed to craft a joint statement to the Board recommending to keep the 2020-21 calendar “status quo.” Faculty survey results will be shared soon.

Class Capacities (Article 4.9 & Appendix B-2)

In light of the budget situation, you may feel pressure to exceed the class capacities negotiated in May 2019. YFA recommends that you meet (not exceed) these capacities at census. For more information and a list of the negotiated capacities, please see the Class Capacities page on the YFA website. The class capacities list will also be added to the YFA Contract as Appendix B-2. New Courses must use the YFA form and process to set class capacities.


YFA and the District have submitted reopeners for this round of negotiations. We will have our first session on October 25. We’ll post updates regarding negotiations on the YFA website.

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