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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

February 10, 2020

Good Afternoon Colleagues!

Here’s a quick update on what’s new in 2020 and keeping you “In The Know” on YFA business….

Part-Time Membership: Effective January 2020, our part-time colleagues now have easier access to join YFA. Because of your action in December, part-time dues have been set at $25 per month of teaching, and we are set up for automatic monthly payroll deductions. We are launching a part-time faculty membership drive to recruit new members to the union. Please talk with your part-time colleagues about membership and if they, or you, have questions, please send them our way!

YFA is proud that we negotiated a strong contract for part-time faculty last time around and are fighting for paid office hours in the current round of negotiations. YFA wants and needs our part-time colleagues to join the YFA family. We are continuing to negotiate for things like closing the parity gap, increasing pay and part-time office hours. Here’s a snapshot of part-time pay increases that resulted from the last round of negotiations….

Full-Time Membership Dues Review: YFA Bylaws require us to review full-time faculty dues every three years to ensure we’re on a strong fiscal footing. A sub-committee is drafting a survey to gather faculty feedback on a potential dues increase and the concept of moving to a percentage of base wages rather than our current flat fee of $750 per year. Look for it in the next couple of weeks, we need your thoughts and feedback.

Other News & Info: Trustee Darin Gharat visited the January YFA Rep Council and shared his thoughts on where we are as District and the possibility of a bond measure. He thanked faculty for their service to our students and community and was glad to spend time with, and hear from, faculty.

At the same meeting, MJC Vice Presidents Sarah Schrader and Jennifer Zellet gave a progress update on developing the new Resource Allocation Model (RAM). More information is available on the District Fiscal Advisory Council website:

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In The Know

Colleagues, Thank you for all your good work this term! We’ve worked hard serving and caring for our students and our institutions. Many of us continue to contribute through participatory governance


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