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Updated: Oct 27, 2020


Thank you for all your good work this term! We’ve worked hard serving and caring for our students and our institutions. Many of us continue to contribute through participatory governance by serving on college and district councils, committees, teams and task forces. We have done good work beyond our campus borders with outreach to our local K-12 schools, charitable organizations, community organizations, and social justice programs, and soooo much more! I am proud to be part of this group of great educators who understand the value of building people and build communities.

Here’s a few wrap up highlights for Fall 2019…….

Part-Time Membership

For the first time, part-time dues are set at an affordable $25 per pay period! We have also been successful (also for the first time ever) in setting up automated payroll deduction to make it convenient for part-time colleagues to stand together with us and have your voices heard on workplace issues. Thank you for voting to ratify that change in the Bylaws. You can enroll now to start your membership in the Spring: Sign me up.

Low Enrollment

In case you have questions or concerns about your courses that may be low enrolled, review the low enrollment guidelines for Columbia College and MJC which are also posted on the YFA Website.

We continue to add information and resources for you on our YFA Website. In addition to Contract and Bylaws, we will soon be uploading information on class capacities, FERPA resources, safety, and other information. If there is information that you’d like to see on the site, please send in your suggestions.

Now it’s time to sign off for Hot Cocoa, PJs, presents, family and friends. Get some rest! Y’all deserve it!

In Solidarity,

Shelley Akiona, MSHRD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

YFA President

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