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Heads' Up: Tech Quarantine Tips

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Remote Operations @ MJC and Columbia College, Day 62…….


I’ve been working with our IT leaders at the District regarding technology issues and support that is available to help faculty with remote teaching. IT has bolstered their Service Desk staffing with the technicians that are normally on campus. Here are some Technology Quarantine Tips for you:

Wired v. Wireless Carriers

For your home office, wired connections are almost always going to be the most reliable Internet connections. Our IT teams are seeing more issues w/wireless carriers than wired carriers (Comcast, AT&T Fiber, etc.).

Having Problems w/Connectivity @Home?

If you are having an issue with connectivity, the YCCD IT Services Team may be able to help.They can help you troubleshoot and may be able to improve/solve some of your issues. If they can’t solve it with you, they can give you advice on who to call and what to say if you need to contact your own carrier to fix the issues.


Call: (209) 575-7910 -> Option 4 during office hours

(Summer 7:30am to 5:30pm M-Th, no weekends/holidays)


*Include: 1) how you want to be contacted and 2) a description of the issue.

Work tickets will be auto generated.

Email anytime and staff will respond during regular working hours.

If you have suggestions on how IT can support us better, please send them a note or send me a note and I’ll forward to the District.

Solidarity Matters,

Shelley Akiona

YFA President

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