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As a faculty member of either of our Colleges within this District, you benefit from the work of the Yosemite Faculty Association (YFA), our bargaining unit. Now we invite you to become an official voting member of the YFA.

Since 1976, YFA has been representing the faculty of Modesto Junior College and Columbia College in collective bargaining for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. We also assist faculty with disputes and grievances that may arise with the Colleges or District. In addition, YFA has been instrumental in protecting full-time-faculty access to quality health, dental, and vision insurance packages at no cost to you and your family. 

YFA has an office and Faculty Lounge in the Library & Learning Center Annex on MJC’s east campus, which is open every term from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday. There is also a faculty space on the Columbia College campus that we share with the Columbia College Academic Senate. 


For general information, contract questions, or resolution of problems, contact our Executive Assistant at (209) 575-6699. All calls are confidential.

Joining YFA:

As a member you are entitled to:

  • Vote on changes to our Contract and Bylaws;

  • Decide who serves on the YFA Representative Council and Executive Board;

  • Serve on the YFA Representative Council or Executive Board.


Membership Dues:


YFA’s membership dues are established by a vote of the membership and help cover the costs associated with running the YFA and paying for legal counsel.


Full-time faculty dues are $1,000 per year and are automatically deducted on a ten-month basis.


Part-time faculty dues are $25 per pay period and are automatically deducted up to ten times per year. If no paycheck is issued, then no deduction takes place.


If you haven't already completed the YFA Membership Enrollment Form, which was a part of your new employee package, please take a moment now to complete it and return it to YCCD Human Resources with the rest of your onboarding materials.


Join YFA, make your voice heard, & influence our collective work environment!


#YFAUnited   #SolidarityMatters

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