YFA Contractual FLEX Obligation

The academic calendar is a compressed, flexible calendar consisting of two primary terms, Fall and Spring semesters, each consisting of sixteen weeks and two days of Flex. The four annual Flex days are outside of instructional weeks.



Accountable time for instructional faculty consists of classroom time as listed in the chart above, office hours as referenced in Article 4.3, and the equivalent of four seven-hour flex days (28 hours total per year). (Note: Faculty with overload Agreement - YFA/Yosemite Community College District 6 July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020 assignments are accountable for additional flex hours associated with each overload course.) 



Under a non-compressed calendar, accountable time for non-instructional faculty (e.g., counselors, librarians, coordinators, lab instructors, specialists) consists of the equivalent of 171 six-hour days for a total of 1026 accountable hours, and the equivalent of four seven-hour flex days (28 hours total per year). Based upon mutual agreement with the immediate administrator, non-instructional faculty may annualize these hours to meet student demand. Non-instructional faculty members who, nevertheless, instruct courses as part of their base load may count both the course hours and an appropriate amount of preparation, grading, and record keeping toward their accountable hours.

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