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YFA Contractual FLEX Obligation

The academic calendar is a compressed, flexible calendar consisting of two primary terms, Fall and Spring semesters, each consisting of sixteen weeks and two days of Flex. The four annual Flex days are outside of instructional weeks.

4.2.2 Instructional Faculty Duties


Duties for instructional faculty consists of classroom time, office hours as referenced in Article 4.3, lecture/laboratory preparation; grading; record keeping; participatory governance; curriculum development; department/division meetings; program development, review, and promotion; college and district committee participation; student advising; community and student outreach and/or special responsibilities that may be appropriate to a particular faculty assignment such as attendance at advisory committee meetings or contacts with other educational institutions, organizations, businesses or industry, participation in outcomes assessment and analysis, individually and/or in groups, and the equivalent of four seven-hour flex days (28 hours total per year). (Note: Faculty with overload assignments are accountable for additional flex hours associated with each overload course.)

4.2.3 Non-Instructional Faculty Professional Work Year


Non-instructional faculty include counselors, librarians, coordinators, lab instructors, specialists, and articulation officers. For non-instructional faculty, the professional work year is comprised of both accountable (1,007.50 hours = 155 x 6.5) and professional (310 hours = 155 x 2) time for a total of 1,317.50 hours. Counselors receive an annual stipend for 5 days of additional accountable time. The 5 days is calculated as follows: 5 x 6.5 = 32.50. Therefore, Counselors work year is 160 days of accountable time (1,040 hours), professional time (310 hours = 155 x 2) for a total of 1,350 hours.

In addition, non-instructional full-time faculty must meet the 28-hour FLEX requirement annually. Non-instructional faculty members who instruct courses as part of their base load may count both the course hours and an appropriate amount of preparation, grading, and record keeping toward their accountable hours. Based upon mutual agreement with the immediate administrator, noninstructional faculty may annualize these hours.

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