Banked Leave 





10.1.1 A faculty member must request in writing the banking option for a particular term and indicate that the credit is to be applied to a banking leave.


10.1.2 The maximum credit that could be earned in any term is six (6) hours. Faculty may bank a total of 9 hours per year. Classes which meet for more than three hours per week may be partially banked and partially reimbursed. Agreement - YFA/Yosemite Community College District 36 July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020


10.1.3 Full-time leaves will require an earned credit equivalent to a faculty member’s full load.


10.1.4 No more than an amount equivalent to a faculty member’s semester load may be accumulated. When that point is reached, banking is no longer an option for that faculty member until that credit has been used.




A Banking Review Committee will be established at each college. Their members will include two faculty appointed by YFA, two faculty appointed by the respective college’s Senate, and two administrators appointed by the YCCD. Using the following guidelines, these committees will review the entire set of requests to ensure compliance and equity and will make recommendations to the President, who will review these and forward them to the Chancellor for final approval.


10.2.1 The maximum number of banking “credits” used by all faculty during any one year is limited to 15 FTEs at MJC and 3 FTEs at Columbia.


10.2.2 A leave may be requested in partial increments.


10.2.3 The Banking Review Committee will ensure that:

a. The request has been reviewed and commented upon by the faculty in the program area affected and representatives of the administration.

b. The banking leave will not adversely affect the program/service area.

c. That approved sabbatical leave requests in that program area have been given priority.


10.2.4. Once a leave is requested, reviewed, and approved, it will be honored on a firstcome, first-served basis. In the event of “ties,” a lottery system will be used. Waiting lists may be established and carried forward to succeeding years so appropriate planning can occur.


10.2.5 Cashing Out Banked Hours

a. Banked hours remaining on the books at the time of separation from the District will be “cashed out.” Banked hours may not be cashed out for any other reason.

b. The dollar amount to be cashed out at time of separation from the District will be calculated using the certificated overload hourly schedule in effect at the time the hours were banked.




10.3.1 It is understood that the administration reserves the right to determine how a position left vacant by a banking leave will be replaced. In general, this will be with part-time staff. Agreement - YFA/Yosemite Community College District 37 July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020


10.3.2 While a faculty member is on a banking leave, that time period does not count toward eligibility for a sabbatical leave. 


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Due at 5:00 pm on the first day of each semester

Deadline for faculty to submit form to Division Dean:

  • For Spring semester, the earliest the form may be submitted to the Dean is July 1 with approval notification no earlier than October 1 for the following Spring semester.​

  • For Fall semester, the earliest the form may be submitted to the Dean is December 1 with approval notification no earlier than March 1 for the following Fall semester.