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Annualized Load



The annualized load permits the full-time (regular and probationary) instructor’s teaching assignment to include the time period of summer, fall, and spring of the school year as an alternative to the normal assignment which includes fall and spring assignment for a fulltime instructor in the given discipline. The sum of the hours for the annualized load will equal the sum of the hours for the normal fall and spring full-time assignment. The annualized load will be assigned with the approval of the instructor, responsible administrators, and the Vice President of Instruction.


4.6.1 Procedures


1. Request for annualized load may be initiated by the instructor or immediate administrator.

2. Instructor and immediate administrator will:


a. Determine total annualized load for the academic year (equivalent to normal load for fall and spring);

b. Agree how load is to be distributed over the year (fall, spring, and summer);

c. Determine the impact on the program:

(1) If a negative impact is anticipated, other staff in the discipline will be consulted

(2) Some mitigation of negative impact must be negotiated before approval


3. Proposal for annualized load is submitted for approval to Vice President of Instruction.

a. Should proposal be denied, Vice President of Instruction will meet with instructor and appropriate administrator to discuss proposal and a resolution.

b. Annualized load will be monitored by immediate administrator and Vice President of Instruction.

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